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CONSULTATION  . . .  We are your growth path to success.  We offer comprehensive guidance, tips and solutions for large and small growers, for start-ups and we will even send one of our staff experts to your site to diagnose or help set up your system to raise your own plants.  Check out our "Blog" to find out more about how to grow indoors and create your own "paradise."

With INDOOR PARADISE, it is all about the customer!  We have a more personal form of service that is individualized - you can't get that at the larger chain type stores! But what really sets us apart from other denver hydroponic supply stores is our years of knowledge in Cultivation, Product Integration, and Consultation.


CULTIVATION . . . Our knowledgeable staff will spend as much time with you as needed to ensure you get complete growing solutions to maximize quality and quantity yields.


PRODUCT INTEGRATION . . . We offer and configure custom designed products to meet your specific needs.  If we don't carry something that you want, we will get it from one of our suppliers or industry network partners.




INDOOR PARADISE started business as Rocky Mountain Lighting and Hydroponics, founded by Marlene Rothe in the 1980's - the first retail store in Colorado to offer hydroponic lighting, equipment and indoor grow supplies.  We pride ourselves on continuing Marlene's dedication to providing the best quality hydro products and personal servicein the industry. Shopping and being helped at INDOOR PARADISE is like going to your neighbors. If you are in the Denver area, visit our store located at 6401 North Broadway, Unit A - experience our personal service first-hand!   We have a full line of the latest advances in hydroponics growing, and we match or beat competitor prices, so look no further for . . . 



Helping Colorado Grow Since the 80's